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Warbirds International
Apr/May  2018

on the cover

Hawker Hurricane Mk. XII G-HURI in its new colors honoring the Polish pilots of the Battle of Britain. Photography by Richard Paver

in this issue

    With the demise of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Lysander in a crash landing, Vintage Wings of Canada’s Lizzie remains the sole flying example / by Doug Fisher
    We fly with a very rare Cessna T-50 Bobcat and examine the type’s civilian history / by Roger Cain
    Captured enemy aircraft tested at Wright Field / by Marshall Wainwright
    This very stock P-51D has been purchased by the American Airpower Museum / by Michael O’Leary
    Classic Hurricane has been painted in No. 303 Squadron markings to honor the Battle of Britain’s Polish pilots / by Richard Paver
  • “SUCH  A  DEAL!”
    Vintage advertisements featuring surplus aircraft / by Doug Fisher
  • HANGAR  10’s  GUSTAV
    First look at a newly restored Bf 109G-14 / by Richard Paver
    The complexities of flying an L-39 Jet Warbird to South America / by Richard “Mongoose” Hess
  • T.O.C.
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